Easy Video Conferencing for Lawyers (Not Millennials!)

Does the idea of Video Conferencing make you want to throw your laptop right out the window? You’re not alone.

You’re supposed to be using your time for billable hours, not trying to decipher hieroglyphics about video conferencing! Or taking online courses with one hundred other people, who are going to leave JUST as confused as when they came in.

You practice law, let us handle this mess.

Executive Reporting is currently offering FREE video conferencing and FREE one-on-one lessons to get you all set up! We will walk you through it with a LIVE person, step by step, until you are a Video Conference master. Then you can use your newfound confidence with video conferencing to:

Use videoconferencing to:

  • Take Depositions
  • Handle Mediations
  • Attend Meetings
  • Share Exhibits
  • Run Marathons!

Well, maybe not run marathons, but you’ll feel like you can.

Give us twenty minutes over the phone to show you how easy Video Conferencing can be and take back control of your billable hours. Get your depositions done. Settle your cases! Better yet, win them! And let Executive Reporting, a long-time sponsor of the St. Petersburg Bar Association, help you along the way. 727-823-4155.