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Internet Streaming Depositions

An Internet streaming deposition is a deposition in which a videographer and a court reporter are synchronized during depositions. The video and audio signal is fed live through the Internet to a location other than where the deposition is currently taking place. In this manner, attorneys or experts at other locations can take part and use an Internet messaging system such as Speche, DepoStream, I-Dep, LiveNote, Remote Counsel, Trial Director, Scantion, or Visionary. This service allows these remote attendees to instant message the attorneys present at the deposition with questions of their own, or just observe the deposition to get a feel for the live testimony of that witness. It is necessary to schedule this service in advance.

Internet Broadcasting Streaming

Internet broadcasting broadcasts live audio and video from depositions, arbitrations, or trials to anyone you authorize. This service offers all the benefits of seeing and hearing a deposition without incurring travel costs. It provides a cost-effective way to include co-counsel, paralegals, experts, clients, and corporate counsel in important depositions and hearings. No special software is required to receive the live audio and video. Participants only require a broadband Internet connection and the Microsoft Internet Explorer® browser. Florida Internet broadcasting is cost-effective, high-quality, and stress-free.
At the event location, your videographer simply plugs their camera 

into the provided appliance and then connects the box to the Internet. Each authorized participant receives a unique username and password to login to the live, streaming video. Our staff works with your service provider to properly configure and test the connection before the event. When scheduling your next Florida deposition, ask us to provide a videographer and the stream service.

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